My name is Andrea Cabral, I'm 19 years old and a sophomore at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I love drawing, cartoons, and reading/making webcomics. This blog features my own sketches and finished work, whether it be fan art, my own creation, or a request. You can make your own request for anything you would like me to sketch in my ask box, or browse through the work I've already posted. And if you like what you see, feel free to subscribe! ;)

Homestuck / Lackadaisy / Cucumber Quest / Hark! A Vagrant / Monster Pulse / Sakana / Axe Cop / Helvetica / Boxer Hockey / Bear Nuts / Romantically Apocalyptic / Paranatural / Best Friends Forever / This Is Not Fiction / Manly Guys Doing Manly Things / Monsterkind / Three Word Phrase / Gunnerkrigg Court / Nimona / Octopus Pie / Ava's Demon / Bad Machinery / String Theory / And a TON more I'll add some over time
If you know some good webcomics out there send me some recommendations in my ask box, I'm always looking for new stuff to read :)



Anonymous asked
theres a nice webcomic called monster pop! and its good maybe you could check it out 8)

I’ve definitely heard that name before, possibly because someone recommended it to me before but all the more reason to read it! Thank you!! ^^

mrakato asked
im not sure if you remember me ( i kind of hope not i was embarassing) but i was neopets user 453564117 and i just wanted to say you ve always inspired me especially from our neo guild days and it makes me happy you kept up with the art! sending positive vibes your way

I do remember you!! :D And WOW that’s really nice of you to say, thank you!! I might not be so proud of my baby internet self from those days but being in the guild with you and everyone else definitely inspired me to keep going and really molded me into the artist I am today. 

And having you and others send me messages YEARS later really affirms to me how important we all were to each other?? Like I always think back to some of the roleplays we used to have and how fun it all was and how it really changed the way I thought about making my own characters and writings stories in general. 

It’s all coming back to me how nice it was to have the guild as part of my childhood/preteen days.

asu-na asked
ahhhhhhhhhh I totally forgot to check this if you ever replied but I was that anon >.> haha I went by Rey on neopets bc I was a scared little 4th grader on the internet ^^;

YOOOOOO Hey Rey!!! :D Yeah, it probably doesn’t help that I can’t reply to these right away either. How is life? How goes things?!  ^^

spookytail asked
eyy haha I've been pretty good! I'll be a freshman at the school of the art institute of chicago in the fall!! which is pretty cool. How have you been!?

Aw that’s awesome!! I’ll be going into my junior year at MassArt in Animation. But right now I’m staying in Boston for the summer to work/complete an internship, so I’ve been keeping myself busy. What are you majoring in?

spookytail asked
I'm not the anon that sent you an ask like 5 days ago, but it's Sam. OR uh. I guess I never gave you my real name maybe all those years ago anyways I'm sacalow on deviantart.

Heeeeeyyyy I totally remember you!! :D I’m not sure if you ever gave me your real name either but I remember your user. How have you been?

Anonymous asked
hallo casper~ :p you probably don't remember me from neopets days but I found your tumblr and it's awesome and you're awesome as always ^^

Omg please tell me who you are?? I probably do remember you and that’s also really nice of you to say and TELL ME WHO YOU ARE UGH <3

Anonymous asked
which web-comic layouts in smackjeeves are yours? i really like them from what other web-comics have and I'd like to use one!

Thank you!! The only layout on smackjeeves I made was the Autumn Leaves one. 

I posted my final from Animation II yesterday but here’s also my Drawing for Animators final reel as well. 

And I’m not posting everything from my animation classes but if you want to see all my work you can check out my vimeo account.

Thank you all for being so patient <3

Hey I’m still going to be absent for a little bit but here’s my final project from Animation II class. 

Done with micron pen, charcoal, and a lot of flashcards~

Anonymous asked
i just want to say that i am SO GLAD i found your blog because chubby tavros is my favorite thing and your art is amazing!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you found my blog too because you have a wonderful taste in headcanons~

Anonymous asked
i saw somethin of yours on my dash so i went to check out your blog n follow you but it turns out i already was so i unfollowed you for a bit on accident oops

I forgive you, anon, but only if you forgive me for taking so long to reply to this.